Friday, July 6, 2018

Tuesday Night Record Shopping at Green Noise.

I caught a post on Green Noise's Facebook page showing that they had just received a nice stock of used cassettes, Faith No More's A King for a Day among them. I've been on the lookout for this tape, and figured I'd head on over to their new-ish location at 7th and NE Killingsworth to see what the rest of their cassette situation looked like. I had my daughter strapped to the front of me, so this wasn't a deep dive. I was there for probably 25 minutes, tops. But I picked up some good stuff. Cassettes first:
That Talking Heads set is cut-out steez, but I'm still glad to have it. Those tapes were 2 bucks each, as was King for a Day...Fool for a Lifetime, which made it more than worth the trip. Got home and realized I already had that DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince tape, which means it's time to officially catalog my cassette collection in a spreadsheet, which I will then store in "the cloud," and then I can access it from my phone wherever I am, like a real cool person.

The Mothers of Invention cassette is from 1991 and is one of those many Rhino FOO-EEE legit bootlegs that Frank Zappa authorized and cashed in on. This one is called The Ark because that's where it was recorded in 1968. They had a handful of other ones like this, though more on the Zappa solo tip. I might go back for those. They're rare-ish. And the cassette prices at Green Noise are very reasonable.

Figured I'd pick up a few records while I was there, too:

Gas Huffer - Janitors of Tomorrow (1991)

I just realized that this is supposed to include a comic book and mine doesn't have it so this is basically GARBAGE to me, but hey: it'll be a nice listening copy until I can find one I'm not terribly ashamed of. Nisqually!

Gas Huffer - The Inhuman Ordeal of Special Agent Gas Huffer (1996)

Late stuff from the Huff. This one does have the comic. Thank god. Not sure I could handle another situation like that.

Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts - On Campus (1963)

"Roses are red and ready for plucking, girls out of high school are ready!" Some pretty ribald talk for '63, delivered over some funky-ish grooves. Is this another one o' them underground party records I keep hearing about?

The Fluid - Freak Magnet (1988)

Price was right on this one so I snagged it. I'm not the hugest Fluid fan but I do have a few of their other records that I listen to occasionally. One of those bands that I meant to get into as a cool teen in the 90's but just couldn't afford to buy it all, maaaan!

Young Buck - Straight Outta Cashville (2004)

Still in the shrink and it was priced to move. Time to spin this one and take a walk down G-Unit memory lane. The fewer guest verses from Tony Yayo, the better!

Not a bad mini-trip. Capped it off by picking up this sticker on my way out the door: