Thursday, October 25, 2018

October Record Shopping in Arizona.

Mere months after being in Arizona and making some serious moves, I was back and doing some more major damage with my brother. We picked up where we left off, hitting Bookmans when I got there on Wednesday, which I failed to take a picture of. Enjoy that DVD up top there instead. I picked up these two cassettes:
That Madonna one is a bootleg that, as you can see, is "recorded from laser disc." One glance at the off-brand cassette you see when you open the case lets you know they're not sacrificing when it comes to quality. And wow: does the tracklist on that K-Tel comp look shitty. I may need to start being more discerning. I picked up a few records, too:

Robert Hazard and The Heroes - Robert Hazard and The Heroes (1982)

Private-press rock out of Philadelphia that is, packaging-wise, an odd one: the cover is just plain white with a sticker, but inside there's a foldout poster of Robert, his band, and lyrics, etc. Looks like this EP has been reissued a couple different times. "Escalator of Life" is a hot leadoff cut, no shit.

Mike Warnke - Hey Doc! (1978),

Mike Warnke is a Christian comedian who makes me super fucking uncomfortable. He's also a huge weirdo which you can learn more about if you google this goon.

I Energy - "Whole World In Trouble" 12" (1989)

Private-press reggae out of Tucson. Probably the first time that sentence has ever been typed. Can't seem to find any info on this record, and I'm actually kind of curious. Hot reggae scene in Arizona in '89?

V/A - Power Play (1980)

I love a good 80's comp, and even though this one's a little earlier than I usually go for, it looks like it's got a decent tracklist. Ideal for putting on while doing the dishes. Hot mix!

The next day we went back towards Phoenix and hit up the Zia on Mill Ave in Tempe. I found three cassettes, all of which are homemade jobs:
The Kendall Wall Blues Band tape is a live recording out of Toronto in 1989. The Broken Horse one is out of Tucson in 1992. And Terry Frank is red-hot and from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Don't see a year on it but by the computer printing on the cover I'm guessing early 90's. This is what we used to have to do before the internet. maaaaaaaaan!

Got some records, too:

The New Pornographers - Challengers (2007)

I call myself a big New Pornographers fan but I have never owned this record and I'm not sure I've ever even heard it. Still can't remember why I didn't just buy it when it came out. You know, a decade ago.

Street Pajama - Beast de Resistance (1985)

I splurged a bit on this one but for private-press synth-pop out of Tucson in the mid-80's, I think it was worth it. There's a track on here called "I'd Rather Smoke Butts Than Kiss Them."

Michael Peace - Rappin' Bold (1988)

I think this may be my first Christian rap LP. Michael is indeed rappin' bold, and he's doing it for Jesus.

Dolly Parton - Think About Love (1986)

Weird Dolly Parton comp where she is songwriter on only one track. One of those "after she left the label" jobs, apparently.

Dolly Parton - Heartbreak Express (1982)

Featuring – and I did not know this – "Single Women," a song written by Michael O'Donoghue of SNL and Scrooged fame, that was apparently originally used in an SNL sketch. Life is wild.

Next we hit the Zia on Camelback, which is in a mad sketchy area but it's a huge store. Large selection. No public restroom. Security guard by the entrance. You get the picture. Luckily I had my blade on me.

I picked up these tapes. That Vital Idol is the third version that I now have - this is the original UK 1985 copy. I spent just a little too much on both that Judgment Night tape and Gish, but whatever. I still don't have They Might Be Giants' first album on cassette, but I didn't have Lincoln, either, so now it's really going to be a glaring hole in my collection. It's tough being a fraud.

Grabbed some records, too:

The Liberated Wailing Wall - Hineni! (1973)

Just some crazy kids driving around, strumming their guitars in a van that says "Jews for Jesus."

Cheryl Heiple - Extraordinary Living For Ordinary Man (1971)

Private-press christian folk out of Philadelphia. I mean, what a cover.

The Cripples - What's In a Name (1985)

Dude on the front there is presumably the lead singer, and he has cerebral palsy, so that's why the band is named that. OK? Calm down.

Willie Phoenix And The Shadowlords - We Love Noise (1983)

Couldn't pass this one up for whatever reason. Title and cover seem intriguing. And I also love noise!

On Sunday we ended up back in the Mesa area, which is where Asylum Records is. Now, we had been to this place a few years back when it was at a different location, and I had some minor beef with it. Turns out I'd have more of the same beef, but it's petty and a long story so let's just say I got these tapes:
Those two Prince tapes were ones I needed and were actually priced in the realm of reality, which I couldn't say for a majority of the stock. That Dillenger tape is gold: self-released metal out of Tucson that I can't find a lick of info about on the internet. Includes a sticker and their business card.

Grabbed a few records, 12" style, just like I did last time:

Mr. Lee - "Get Busy" 12" (1989)

House-heavy hip-hop on Jive from a dude who is not good at rapping. Got the gals on his 5.0, though.

Eazy-E - "Radio" 12" (1988)

I paid a little too much for this but it's still in the shrink and the vinyl is clean as all get out, so I'm OK with it. Been looking for this one for a while. Contains the cut "Ruthless Villain" featuring MC Ren, which I never knew about as a kid because it was only on the CD and I just had the tape.

O.C. - "M.U.G." 12" (2005)

Bought this for the Freddie Foxxx feature and because it was cheap. I think these songs are older than 2005.

Too Nice - "I Get Minze" 12" (1989)

I, for some reason, have the Too Nice full-length, so I guess I better get on board with these 12" remixes. They're on the house tip and also from 1989. What a year. Hip-hop was in flux.

Roq-in' Zoo - "Frig-O-Rator" 12" (1985)

In 1985 we all had Fridge Fever.

MC Shy-D - Comin' Correct in '88 (1988)

Bass blastin' on Luke's Skyywalker label though dude's out of Atlanta. I think I just got a Shy-D 12" recently...

Our last stop was the Zia on Alma School Rd in Chandler. We stayed later than we had originally planned to, which was a shock to no one. I found some good tapes:
That Prince tape was a solid find after being juked on it earlier, when I found it at Asylum but it had a head cleaner tape inside. That place. I'm telling you. Had that Tougher Than Leather tape when it came out and for a long time after that, but lost it somewhere along the line. Good to have it back. I just need to find King of Rock now. Black 'N Blue are a hard-rock band out of Portland in the 80's, though both of these albums are on Geffen, major style. The one in the middle kicks off with a track called "The Strong Will Rock" and the opening lyrics are as follows: "Got a pounding fever, got a pounding beat/Gonna pound my heat into your meat." In case you were wondering who you were dealing with. Eminence is a private-press tape out of NJ in 1988, and ...but ugly is also out of NJ, actually, in 1991 and also a DIY-type tape situation. Maybe they're connected.

Picked up a last few LPs, too:

Jonathon Brandmeier - Just Havin' Fun (1982)

Private-press musical comedy out of Phoenix. Surprisingly fancy gatefold cover inside which are photos of Jonathon with famous comedians, solidifying his legitimacy.

V/A - The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas - Music From The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackM (1982)

Not all Dolly, but mostly Dolly.

Seems - Eat Pray Thug (2015)

Been waiting a few years to find this used and when I did, it was three bucks. That's ideal.

Another successful trip. Now I need to stop spending money or at least pretend like I'm going to.