Friday, April 18, 2014

Event Attendance: Portland's Night Owl Record Show - April 12, 2014

I was too poor to go to the last Night Owl show, but this time around I had a little bit of money to spend and a solid two hours to kill, and I made the most of it. The show was crowded but somehow not as stuffy as it has been in the past, and it was a pleasure to not be visibly sweating while weirdo record dealers watch me pick through their stuff.

There were a few too many tables full of dollar records for me, but I guess if you're young, poor, and building your collection, that can be pretty sweet. Always so much psych-rock, too. But I of course managed to find plenty of stuff. Here it is:

Nirvana/The Fluid - "Molly's Lips"/"Candy" 7" (1991)

This was the most money I spent on a record at the show. Wasn't ridiculous - in fact I got a pretty good deal. I've been wanting this record for a while. I got the black vinyl version; now I'll have to get the green marbled.

Pavement - Pacific Trim 7" (1996)

This is a 7" Wowee Zowee-era EP that I have never come across before. The songs here ended up on Sordid Sentinels, but it's nice to have the original.

Crackerbash - "Bike" 7" (1990)

One of the last Crackerbash singles I need to complete my collection and this dude was selling both the black and the blue vinyl versions. Boom. I bought both. "Bike" ended up on their record (though this is a different version), but the B-side, "Laughing Song," is exclusive to this. I'm pretty sure. Now I'm just looking for the Crackerbash/Jawbox split single.

Faith No More - "Midlife Crisis" 12" (1992)

A really cool picture disc that's only disappointment lies in the fact that it contains four songs and they're all album versions. My brother has had this record for twenty years and I've always been jealous. Now I've got mine. Even has a little pamphlet with info about the band. So detailed.

Praxis - 1984 (1984)

I had no idea this existed but I'm so glad I found it. I'm really only familiar with the version of Praxis from the 90's, and I never realized the concept started in the 80's. From what I've listened to so far, this record is nuts. Dude just hammering on a drum machine and making some really ahead-of-its-time electro.

Sonic Youth - Goo (8-Track Demos) (1990)

This is a classic bootleg - the cover is printed on the wrong side of the sleeve, so the spine is on the right side when you're looking at it. Plus it's on green marbled vinyl. Not exactly sure why I bought this. I like the cover, if nothing else. Pretty sure all these songs are on the deluxe edition of Goo.

Dwarves - Fuck You Up and Get Live (2013)

Well, I can definitely say this is my first 11" picture disc. Yeah, I said 11. It's weird. Just a little bit too small. This came out last year, but contains audio from the DVD of the same name that came out in 2005. This also has a copy of the DVD in a slipcover included. I don't remember the Dwarves saying anything about this, and I'm wondering if they had much to do with it. Regardless, live versions of Dwarves songs are hilarious because the band plays cocaine-fast.

Tad - God's Balls (1989)

The cover on this is a little more wrecked than I'd like it to be, but it's rare to come across this record so I grabbed it. Apparently there is a blue marbled vinyl version of this but the one I got is black. Just like Tad's soul.

Company Flow - Little Johnny from the Hospitul (1999)

Instrumentals from Rawkus-era Co Flow, featuring beats by both El-P and Mr. Len. I have never heard this record so I was excited to find it but I feel like I might have paid five dollars too much for it. But what's done is done.

Mudhoney - Vanishing Point (2013)

I already have this record, but after I bought it I realized there was a slightly rarer "Loser Edition" on clear-smoke vinyl so I vowed to buy it if I ever found it used. And find it used I did. Plus, this record's worth buying twice.

Run-DMC - "You Be Illin'" 12" (1986)

Even when I was in fifth grade this was probably my least favorite song on Raising Hell, but I'm always down for a 12" remix and the one on the A-side here is actually pretty cool. And so is that sleeve.

Vicious Beat Posse - "Give the People What They Want" 12" (1990)

12" single that skips the album version and goes with a "Club Mix" and a dub, plus a radio edit and an instrumental. I like their style. The club mix lives up to its name by being seven minutes long, most of that being the beat straight riiiiiiding at the end. Slump, sucka.

And that was it. Just a warm-up, though. Record Store Day is Saturday, I'm in L.A. next week, and I'm in Atlanta the week after that. And I just bought a bigger suitcase.

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