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January Record Shopping in Arizona, Part One.

I had a big birthday recently, and I decided to visit my brother in Tucson, AZ, as a little vacation treat. We, of course, spent the better part of two days hitting all the record stores in Tucson, and then most of the ones in Phoenix. It was a whirlwind but I'm gonna do my best to remember how this all went down.

The first big trip we made was to PDQ Records & Tapes, which shuttered its doors in 2011, only to reemerge at the tail end of 2014. We'd been there before, but I guess it must have been at least 5 years ago. My brother wasn't even positive it would be open, but boom: there it was. All this stuff had been sitting in a locked up building for four years:
I remembered getting a weird vibe there last time, and when I started looking through records and a lot of them weren't priced, I thought it might be one of those situations where you have to bring stuff up to the dude and go through the awkward exchange of him quoting a price way over what you're willing to pay, and then telling him you don't want it, and it's a waste of time for everyone. I did end up having to do that once, but the guy quoted me very fair prices on the 7"s I was asking him about and all the LPs I got were priced, so it ended up not being an issue. I did have to bring a small pile of 7"s up, but he was fair across the board on 'em and I didn't have to put anything back.

But seriously: I'm begging you to price your vinyl.

Here we go:

Billy Idol - "Don't Need a Gun" 7" (UK, 1986)

At some point in the past few years I bought the US 12" of this which has a few sweet remixes on it. This one's just got an album cut on the B-side, but it's the UK version with a gatefold that opens up to a sultry pic of Billy blazing a cig.

Billy Idol - "Sweet Sixteen" 7" (1986)

One of my wife's friends was making fun of me for liking Billy Idol. To be clear: I'll go to the wall for Billy any day of the week. Don't come at me with that shit.

Billy Idol - "Flesh for Fantasy" 7" (UK, 1984)

Import single for a song I think we've all fucked to once or twice.

Men at Work - "It's a Mistake" 7" (1983)

I collect Men at Work records casually, and it's great to find them because they put out a ton of B-sides and live tracks on their singles. I have the 12" of "It's a Mistake," it's got three non-album tracks, and this 7" has another non-album track, "Shintaro."

Men at Work - "Overkill" 7" (1983)

Hey, it's one of the greatest songs to come out of the 80s! B-side on this one is a non-album, mostly instrumental cut called "Till the Money Runs Out."

Men at Work - "Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive" 7" (1983)

The B-side on this one is a live version of "I'd Like To," a Ron Strykert-sung deep cut off Cargo.

Hitting Birth - "Hallelujah" 7" (1993)

Always love it when I find Portland records when I'm not in Portland. I remember this band having a hot buzz when I was a NW teen, but I never saw them live, which was apparently their strong suit. There are a few different versions of this record - this one's on pink vinyl. B-side is "Mayberry LSD." Juxtaposition alert!

Prince - "Delirious" 7" (1983)

Man, I was excited to get this for three bucks. The cover on this folds out into a poster that has a 1999 calendar on one side (with a triangle denoting Prince's birthday) and the little dude in a sultry pose on the other. Plus, this has a non-album B-side called "Horny Toad" that is exactly what I expected from that title. Strong all around.

Prince - "Alphabet St." 7" (1988)

Pretty sure I've got this on 12", 7", and cassette single now, all in a clear cover with a sticker. I hope I inspire you.

Those were all the 7" singles I got. Here's a few shots of where we were pulling 'em from:
On to the 12"s.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage - "Hit the Floor" 12" (2003)

Macho Man's album was only available on CD, and from what I can tell, this is the only vinyl release of his storied rap career. Best part: there were two, so my brother and I both got one. Wishing I had the CD of the album! The thing's become a bit of a collector's item. I actually wonder if these have, too... This song is just pure trash, btw. But the acappella versions on here are sure something.

2 Deep - "I Didn't Do My Homework" 12" (1990)

Cold Chillin' label. Man, this thing just reeks of 1990. This is the promo version and it has a radio edit and a six-minute "Long Version" on the flip.

Vicious Trouble - Vicious Trouble 12" (1990)

Gambled on this being rap and won. This has three songs on it, but it's not exactly a single - it's three different tracks, all remixes, none of which seem to ever have been released in their proper versions. These songs are a little JJ Fad for 1990, but it's fun.

Kid 'N Play - "Rollin' with Kid 'N Play" 12" (1989)

If we're being honest, Kid 'N Play are a pretty rough listen sometimes. But man: the cover on this one was worth the two bucks.

Grand Daddy I.U. - "Something New" 12" (1990)

Cold Chillin'. Promo version with a remix on the B. This is song is dope.

Daddy D - "Luv on a Dub" 12" (1995)

"Queen Latifah presents"! Man, I am amassing a weird little Daddy D collection, and every record I get, the more I realize what a roller coaster career he had. This was definitely his big push.

Icey Jaye - "It's Just a Girl Thing" 12" (1990)

Took a chance on this one being rap and won that one, too. This is on the new jack-ish pop tip but also sounds like it should have come out in '87, on a Fresh-Prince-but-female major-label swing and a miss. Remixes galore here, all with egregious sampling violations. It'll never be that good again.

Oh, and I also bought this flexi put out by a Tucson dude running for office. I can't find anything about it - can't even figure out what year it's from. This is private press at its finest, folks.
Next up: we go other places!

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