Thursday, October 6, 2016

Early October Record Shopping at Reckless in Chicago, Part Three: The Loop.

This is the Reckless location that was about five blocks from my hotel, but I made the last one I went to so I could just walk it back and not take another Uber. Though I did have a fun time getting rides in Chicago. Got the vibe that the drivers weren't usually picking up or dropping off people at record stores. But hey, that's me: I'm fucking cultured.

I had spent a good amount of my allotted dough at this point, so I went into the Loop Reckless - the smallest one; it's not cramped, but it's close - looking to get some bang for my buck. I ended up with a bunch of weird stuff, some of which I'm just now remembering buying. What a whirlwind!

The Halflings - "A Kiss for Christmas" 7" (1995)

Even more for my Christmas collection. This is on red vinyl, but of course there was a green edition, too. That's the spirit. And that's some 90's punk.

Richard and Willie - Waitin For Gas (1979)

Laff Records, of course. Ribald stand-up comedy, no doubt. With track titles like "Leon Spinks" and "White Dudes," I'm figuring this is right in my wheelhouse.

Jackie Kannon's "Prose from the Cons" (196_)

"A comedy album recorded live and featuring convicts of Southern Michigan Prison." Sounds hilarious.

Hal Masters - The Funny Side of the Street (1961)

This thing was in crazy good shape and there's a naked lady on the front, so I needn't further convincing. The back describes him as "controversial," and I'm a little scared to find out what that's referring to. Probably a number of things, but really, isn't he just pointing out our differences?

Victor Buono - Heavy! (1971)

Stand-up comedy that seems to focus on his weight. Should be uncomfortable!

Wildman Steve - Wild! Wild! Wild! Wild! (1970)

I've been lucking into these "party records" lately. Dirty stuff. Wild, even.

Franklyn Ajaye - Don't Smoke Dope, Fry Your Hair! (1976)

Another comedy record. This one's on Warner Bros. but I'd never heard of this dude. Great cover, weird title - I hesitated for a second but then made my move.

Bill Carty "Blasts Off!" (196_)

This cover is as terrifying as it was the first time I saw it. Jesus, Bill.

Wayne Juhlin - My Kinda Town (1975)

Private-press spoken-word/comedy thing from mid-70's Chicago. Looooove shit like this.

The Marillac Chorus Orchestra and Jazz Combo - Music from Marillac (1972)

This is another gem, a private-press LP of a recording of an orchestral and choral performance by a Chicago-area all-girls private high school in the early 70's. Looks like it's never been played. Nice topper to all the rando records I copped this trip.

And that was it. And thanks to Southwest's new no-fee baggage policy, I got it all home for free. Dude, I'm getting really good at this.

Reckless got some great stores, son.

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