Friday, April 15, 2011

Prepping for Record Store Day, 2011.

If I'm planning on getting out of bed on a Saturday earlier than I normally do during the week, you know there must be record-buying involved.

I've gone out and about - and took my sweet time about it - during the past few RSDs, but tomorrow will mark the first time that I've actually gotten up to go wait in line. I'll be camped out in front of Music Millennium when they open, in hopes to get a few records before they're gone. I'm excited. Promised the wife I wouldn't spend too much money, and while that's going to be frustrating, I don't think it'll be an issue. There's only a few items that I really, really want.

I'm looking to pick up a copy of Nirvana's Hormoaning, because I'll never be able to afford an actual copy of it. Telling myself this will be the next best thing.

Also want to get the Busdriver and Built to Spill 7"s that are seeing limited release. Maybe The Doors' "Riders on the Storm" mono 7". Hopefully the New Pornographers 7", but there's only 500 of those available. Sonic Youth's Whore's Moaning would be nice. New Urge Overkill 7" - maybe one of those.

There's a handful of other things that are appealing, but not as much so. I guess it all depends on how it goes. Look for my follow-up post detailing the whole damn thing.

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Biff Pocaroba said...

I wanted to go down to my local record store today so bad. My heart said yes, my pocketbook said no.