Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break Record Shopping, Part Eleven: Everyday Music (Sandy) - Portland, Oregon.

Another photo that is obviously not mine (you don't think it's sunny in Portland right now, do you?), but I'm jackin' that shit anyway. Because I'm ruthless when it comes to unauthorized screen caps. Blaow.

So, the last major stop we made during our spring break spending rampage was, of course, the place I can't stay away from for more than two weeks: Everyday Music on Sandy Blvd. And, as usual, I bitched about it being pointless and then walked out with a bunch of stuff. Only a few records, however. But I also got a copy of The Spinanes' Manos on cassette, which will serve my garage nicely. And I think I picked up a few random video tapes. But we're not here to talk about those. We're here to talk about the final hauls that Pocaroba and I left with. So here they are.

Me first.

Mudhoney - "Sonic Infusion" 7" (2002)

This is a single for the last song from Mudhoney's vastly underrated 2002 album, Since We've Become Translucent. The album version is almost eight minutes long, so this is the "edit," which clocks in at a lean four and a half. Kind of cool to have a different version. This also contains "Long Way to Go," an Alice Cooper cover that, as far as I can tell, is only available here. So that is also sweet. For two bucks, too.

Homostupids - The Intern LP (2007)

Certainly did not expect to walk away with this, but I seem to be unable to escape the Homostupids at this point. Pocaroba pulled this out of the used Punk/Metal section for me, and I was glad he did. My first Homostupids LP. And it's pressed on sweet marbled blue vinyl. I still can't decide if "Tip of the Worm" or "Dickstring" is my favorite cut, but there's plenty of time for important decisions like that.

Octant - Car Alarms and Crickets (2000)

What can I say? Pocaroba inspired me with his Easy Street purchase of this same album. This is some bizarre instrumental stuff, but I've been listening to this record a little bit for the past week, and I'm really getting into it. It also led me to discover that there is a brand new Octant record out, which is cool news. I will be buying that at some point.

Radiohead - The King of Limbs (2011)

I had been listening to a not-exactly-legal copy of this since it came out, because I was waiting to buy the LP. Finally saw the LP, and ponied up for it. Worked out well, because I also got one of those newspapers they were handing out (The Universal Sigh, now stuffed inside the LP for safe keeping), as well as this big, framable painting print. (Basically I got this setup, but with an LP instead of CD.) You can look forward to my big write-up on this record in the next week or so.

Think that was it for me. Now Pocaroba:

Red Rocket - "Jane Wiedlin" 7" (1995)

I love this old Seattle pop-punk band called Ten-O-Seven. Their first album is currently my personal white whale. Well, Red Rocket is the lead guy's band after they broke up. This 45 was actually on my little cheat-sheet that I brought with me and I was super excited to find it for a dollar. Nice to know that something I am really looking for is one step above garbage. What is wrong with me?

Sone - "David's Sling" 7" (1993)

I have owned this 45 for years but apparently it somehow got warped. I was hoping to replace it while back in the NW and sure enough, found it for 2 dollars. This record rules, so Portlanders, dig this out of your local budget bin and hear Ralf from the Feelings caterwauling on side 2. It's good stuff.

Hardship Post - "Sugarcane" 7" (1993)

I always liked Hardship Post and didn't know that this record existed. So there you go.

Cease and Desist/No Class - Split 7"

I was intrigued by the massive amount of paper stuffed into this Seattle crusty punk 45. For a dollar I couldn't say no. Apparently these guys had a lot of political ideas they wanted you to know about. Hence all the leaflets and posters shoved inside. What go-getters.

Shoeface - "Long Time for You" 7" (1993)

I always liked a song of these guys' on an old comp I had (a running theme on this trip, apparently) and couldn't say no to this silk-screened covered 45 for a buck. Shoeface are basically run of the mill early 90s indie rockers. But real ugly.

Rally Boy - "I Got Dumped" 7" (1998)

How have I never owned this? My old friend Justin's band's first 45 pressed up on gorgeous white vinyl. I have been waiting to own this for at least a decade.

Drunken Orgy of Destruction - "Tam Tam's Revenge" 7" (1999)

I bought this if only to own the song "Aaron won $200 at Bingo When He Was 9 and His Mom Bought His Christmas Presents With It." That is priceless. I have no idea what it sounds like but the 10-song 45 always means its really noisy punk.

Whipped/Inhumane - We Need Our Wars Split 7" (1999)

But Biff, didn't you already buy this? Yes, yes I did. But that one was on red and this one was on black. Plus it had the Whipped poster that apparently my first one was missing. So now I rule.

So, there you have it, folks. It was a hard-fought journey, but at the end of it we walked away with our arms full, and our wives pissed at us because we spent too much money. Yes, we're some responsible adults. Until next time.

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