Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Record Shopping, Part Eight: 99 Cent Records - Portland, Oregon.

Even after our monumental day in Seattle, we still hadn't had enough. Later in the week we headed out again in Portland, this time making our way to a bunch more stores. I can't really remember the order at this point, but that's not important.

I really wanted to go to 99 Cent Records, because I hadn't been there in a while and I'm trying to make a point of supporting that place. The people who run it are cool, and they've always got cool shit. They seem to be doing well; there's always people in there when I'm there. (This picture is not from our trip - I stole it from their Facebook page.) I picked up some random dollar records when I was there, but this was my major purchase:

Kurupt - Tha Streetz iz a Mutha (1999)

Young Gotti in this piece. I've actually never even owned a CD copy of this record, which is a bit odd. But now I've got the 2xLP so that makes up for it. I'm not always in the mood for West Coast gangsta these days, but when I am, I'll be reaching for this. Daz is all over this thing, which is a good thing. "Who Ride Wit Us" is the jam.

Here's what Pocaroba picked up:

Julie Brown - Trapped in the Body of a White Girl (1987)

My last trip I picked up the 45 for the title song which has the exact same cover as the LP. Odd move. When I first saw this I thought it was a 12" single. Alas, it was a full-length LP. My record collection all of a sudden has a Julie Brown LP, 45, and 12" single. It's all falling into place. Julie Brown, you continue to fascinate me.

Next up: We go to a CD/Game Exchange that I didn't even know existed.

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