Thursday, July 1, 2010

Primus - Miscellaneous Debris (CD, 1992)

Primus was hot shit when I was in high school, and they should have been. They sounded like nothing else, and they were exactly the kind of band that us "alternative" 90's youths loved. My friends had Suck On This, Frizzle Fry, and Sailing the Seas of Cheese, and I spent some considerable time with cassette copies of those albums. Apparently I was never persuaded to make the CD purchase. But Miscellaneous Debris seemed like a good way to go, so I picked it up. (It was probably the EP pricing that persuaded me.)

I don't really car for Primus much anymore (even though I saw them live six or seven years ago), but I've always liked this little group of cover songs. "Making Plans for Nigel" is the standout, but their version of the Meters' "Tippi Toes" is fun, and "Have a Cigar" is good, too.

Man, I have not listened to this in forever. I remember always being annoyed that it was only 18 minutes long. But you get what you pay for. My love affair with Primus was never as intense as I wanted it to be. I always liked them a lot, but I never go full-on nuts for them. That's probably for the best. Keeping up with them at this point seems like too much work. Though I do own one more of their albums...


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Biff Pocaroba said...

I used to put "Tippi Toes" on every mixtape I made for a while. Yeah, I never fully gave myself to Primus either. I wanted to but they just never really grabbed a hold of me. It was probably the jam aspect? Lord knows I hate jamming.