Friday, May 22, 2009

One Year.

Yup, it was May 22 of last year that I made my first post.

Since then, aside from a week that I took off in the summer, I've posted every day. Not bad. I'm glad I've stuck with it. And I'm only a quarter of the way through (alphabet-wise, though I bet it's much less than that).

Sadly (for my brother, mostly, because I think he's the only one who reads this), I'm going to use this opportunity to take a little break. This blog takes up a good portion of every evening for me, and lately, I feel like I've been neglecting other stuff that I need to be doing.

Not only do I have my own band to promote, but I'm getting married in two months, and shit's getting a little major with that. So, I'm not giving up on this blog, but I'll probably be posting a bit less frequently from now on.

I gots to handle mine. You understand.


Biff Pocaroba said...

This is a sad, sad day for baseball. Seriously though, this bums me out. How dare you have better things to do than entertain me?

Joy said...

I hope you don't take too long of a break.

tussin said...

hey, just so you know, i read the shit out of this blog!

Wockenfuss said...

Damn, now you all have me rethinking my decision. Let me get caught up on some other stuff and I'll see what I can do. I think The Jacksons Victory album was going to be next, and I know that will be a hit. Right?

Seriously though, I'll see if I can't muster some bloggin' strength.

Biff Pocaroba said...

I have the Jacksons Victory album on CD, regular LP and also picture disc LP. So yes, it would be a hit with me.