Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Farm Fresh - Played Out (1994-1996) (CD, 1999)

Before the Peanuts & Corn fellas were cranking out CDs on the regular, they were rocking mics straight to cassette.

I'm not super familiar with this CD, though as I listen to it now I'm realizing I've heard it more times than I thought I had. While the recording is lo-fi and the entire thing could easily be relegated to "hardcore fans only" status, there's a lot to like here. Yes, it does sound like some 20-something kids fucking around and stumbling a bit here and there, but that's the charm. Some of it's funny, some of it's trying to be serious but comes off as awesomely goofy, and some of it is some real dope shit.

Ah, I think we all remember the days when Pip Skid was still Wicked Nut.

You may be able to hear some of it here.

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Biff Pocaroba said...

I love this compilation. I am as die hard a P&C fan as you will find and so I love to hear Mcenroe and Pip Skid in their younger days. It is hilarious to hear them rapping about sex and girls (the theme of the second cassette included here, the first being aliens). I still hold "Hugs And Kisses," "I'll Take You Home" and "Check The Track" up as some of P&C's best all-time work, especially the last track mentioned, a rip-roaring song with Mcenroe absolutely destroying the mic. "Go back to the lab, rehab or the library." Good advice for not-so-good MCs.