Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown (LP, 1974)

Go ahead, laugh.

I was turned onto the song "Sundown" through karaoke years ago. I had never heard Gordon Lightfoot (or I probably had, but didn't realize it), but I thought the song was a damn fine one. I can't remember exactly when I picked this LP up; sometime in the last three years, I think. 50 cents. Figured I'd see what the rest of the record was like. I was pleasantly surprised.

Though the first side of this record contains some solid 70's wuss-folk, it's really Side Two where things get great. "The Watchman's Gone" is my favorite Lightfoot song, a rolling acoustic number (duh) with a killer melody. The title track's a winner as well, and when it's followed up by "Carefree Highway," it completes the trifecta of soft-rock sensitivity. "Carefree Highway" is AM radio personified, and I love it. "The List" is sappy-happy, but plenty nice, and the album closes with the reflective "Too Late for Prayin'," a ballad that brings some strings in to achieve the full effect. Pleasant.

I still have no idea why I like this. But if I'm in the mood, it gets me every time.


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