Friday, October 24, 2008

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Goodbye Cruel World (LP, 1984)

Man, my copy of this is rough. I have no recollection of when or where I bought this. It could have been ten years ago. Listening to it now, I remember why my beat-to-shit copy has been sitting on the shelf, idle, for years.

This is Elvis Costello not sounding anything like Elvis Costello. There's bad 80's sax, hammy keys; it's a mess. The songs are OK, but while most of Costello's work is fairly timeless, this one is very 80's sounding. It could be much worse, but considering his string of great stuff before it, this one must have sounded extra rough upon its release.

Daryl Hall does backing vocals on "The Only Flame In Town," the first song on the record.


And I think that's where it ends for my Elvis Costello albums. A sad denouement. But still we press on.

"I Wanna Be Loved"

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