Monday, February 2, 2009

Bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together (LP, 1976)

Here are the reasons why this is probably my favorite Bryan Ferry solo record (of the ones I own):

1. His creepy perv 'stache on the cover.

2. The title track just rolls and rolls forward and is a song I play over and over.

3. It contains a sweet reworking of "Casanova," one of my favorite songs off my favorite Roxy Music record, Country Life.

4. His sax-heavy cover of the Beatles' "It's Only Love." A bold move, and one that only he could pull off. And he does.

5. Another sweet reworking of a Roxy Music song: "Re-Make/Re-Model." Frank Black covered the shit out of this song for years, and even put it on his Oddballs CD. A peppy little track that makes for a fun listen.

6. The production on this record is certifiably huge. Strings, horns, the works. The angle of Ferry as frontman for an orchestra is one that suits him (no pun intended) perfectly.

7. What else...did I mention the pencilness of that 'stache? See it at work:

"Let's Stick Together"

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