Monday, December 21, 2009

The Mono Men - Sin & Tonic (CD, 1994)

During one fleeting week, I had big plans to become a Mono Men fan.

They are featured in the movie Hype, and I found their appearance in the film amusing. In fact, I find their appearance in general amusing. They are an ugly, ugly band. They are NW rock semi-legends, and I have enjoyed every song I have heard from them. These were/are good reasons to get into this band. I decided to make it happen.

I came across a used copy of this CD, and bought the shit out of it. I took it home, listened to it like three times, filed it away, and completely forgot about it.

Listening to it now, I still like it. Maybe I need to put it in my car or something. Or maybe I need to wait for a 90's NW rock phase to hit me hard. I need to regain the feeling I had that one week. I was ready to commit myself to the Mono Men. It still seems like a good idea, but not a great one.

I'll come back around.

Live video of "Can't Understand" here.

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