Monday, April 27, 2009

Buddy Holly and The Crickets - 20 Golden Greats (LP, 1978)

I don't remember exactly when I bought this record, though I remember its purchase being the result of feeling terrible that I didn't own any of Buddy Holly's music. I must have watched a documentary where they mentioned him, or read a book, or something. Anyway, I made it my mission that weekend to rectify the situation, and I think it cost me about three bucks.

I don't listen to this record more than very occasionally, but it's really good to have around. I do love every song on here, and it's probably one of the more "pleasant" LPs I own. I always forget how many great songs Buddy Holly recorded in his short career until I put this on and realize I know almost all of them. We all know "Peggy Sue" (which is a phenomenal little song) and "That'll Be the Day," but tracks like "Maybe Baby" and "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" always slip my memory.

Yeah, I don't listen to this one a lot, but I'll always hold onto it. It's a solid collection, and Buddy Holly is the kind of artist who I don't mind going down the best-of road for. I'd never search out his original LPs or anything, so I'm simply happy to have the songs themselves.

Though they are all frustratingly short. 20 songs in 45 minutes. Way to crank 'em out, Buddy.

"Maybe Baby"

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