Thursday, April 2, 2009

300th Post: Another Quick Assessment.

Crap yeah, I'm sticking with this thing. It just goes to show you: I have more drive, determination, and sticktoitiveness than you ever will. Suck it, society.

That shelf up there claims to hold 300 records. While I've done 300 entries, I haven't quite covered 300 albums yet, but pretty close. It doesn't really look all that impressive...or maybe it does. I can't tell. Either way, I think it sounds like a lot. And we're only to the H's. Not even a third of the way done. Yikes. And I think the R-S-T section of the alphabet's going to be a long ride. And if you think I'll be breezing through the Z's, you haven't seen my Zappa collection. But I digress.

Let's see if the stats have made any significant shifts:

CDs are still leading vinyl, and now the score's 179-112. So, on my 200th post, my collection consisted of 58% CDs and 42% vinyl. Now it's about 61% to 39%. I predicted vinyl making some headway, but it hasn't yet.

Top Genres: They've switched up a little bit. 90's rock is still in the lead, but 2000's hip hop has jumped ahead of 90's hip hop (barely), and 2000's rock is now alone in fourth.

80's Rock: Looking like it might become a contender. Keep an eye on it.

That girl showing off the record shelf: Yahtzee.

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