Thursday, September 10, 2009

400th Post: Assessment Time.

The big 400. Not bad. That break I took was a good move, and now I'm right back in the thick of this damn thing. Let's break down the findings, even though I'm beginning to realize this is only for my personal benefit.

CDs are still leading vinyl, and now the numbers are 217-156. To review:

By my 200th post, it was 116-84; roughly 58% CDs to 42% vinyl.

By my 300th post, it was 179-112; about 61% to 39%.

Now, we're right back to 58% to 42%.

The numbers aren't budging much, but I still think things might sway a little towards vinyl in the coming months. And years.

Top Genres: 90's rock and hip hop are back to commanding leads, with 2000's rock and hip hop being the next two in line. I expect these numbers to stay steady.

80's Hip Hop/Rap: Not nearly as strong a showing as I would like to see.

That turntable up there: It plays LPs with a laser and goes for about 15k. Looks like I know what I want for Christmas!

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Biff Pocaroba said...

The blog is stellar! Everyday when I come home I go here to check out the new review. I usually wait for the weekend to comment as to allow maximum thought and type-age. I can't wait for the Supersuckers entries and the Zappas (you better get collecting!). Also, do you plan a track by track for Wu-Tang Forever? I'll be expecting it.